Results that Make a Difference.

Results that Make a Difference.

My record is clear – I know how to the get results people want. During my term as County Commissioner, we lowered taxes and spent less while improving county services and reducing debt. We have new jobs, a stronger economy, and better neighborhoods.

I’ve been at the decision-making table, established connections, found the money, and worked through the system to make good things happen. Whether it was securing more jobs and development in the area, funding environmental projects, or delivering on neighborhood improvements – I got the job done. Listed below are some of the things I have accomplished for our community.

My goal is to make Pensacola and Northwest Florida better for all of us today but also generations to come. If you too want to see us make these improvements, then I need your support and vote for Mayor of the City of Pensacola.

— Grover C. Robinson, IV

Proven Results

  • Secured nearly $100 million for locally (Escambia County) determined environmental and economic projects from the Congressional RESTORE Act from Deepwater Horizon federal fines.
  • Participated on a 4H committee to enable the expansion of Navy Federal Credit Union from 2,500 employees to 10,000.
  • Secured all $8 million of local funding (county/city) for the first phase of ST Aerospace, including $800,000 from the district 4 specifically that the city does not have to pay back.
  • Championed the creation of Visit Pensacola as a separate entity from Chamber so tourism has significantly increased.
  • Passed the single largest reduction in the Escambia County millage rate at just over 1 mill to reduce local taxes for city residents.
  • Consolidated both ECAT and Library services so city taxpayers do not have to pay twice.
  • Secured $1 million (77%) for the clay courts at Roger Scott Tennis Center.
  • Implemented a free tipping fee at the county landfill that enabled curbside recycling.
  • Championed Landfill gas to energy that generates $1 million for the county and powers over 1,200 homes. The best rated renewable energy source for the Gulf Power Company.
  • Championed a spay and neuter program that now has reduced annual euthanizations by tens of thousands.
  • Secured and constructed Olive Road improvements including bike lanes and sidewalks which required swapping roads with the state.
  • Swapped Airport Blvd for Olive Road which enabled state funding for the sidewalk project on Airport currently under construction.
  • Appropriated funding for Burgess Road improvements that were never matched by the city.
  • Championed the establishment of an employee clinic that reduced medical payments for taxpayers and improved medical services for employees.
  • Secured funding for 150+ new parking spaces on Pensacola Beach as well as a new multi-use path between the Portofino Boardwalk and Bob Sikes Bridge.
  • Acquired 8 acres of wetlands property as the headwaters to Carpenter’s Creek to improve water quality for Carpenter’s Creek and Bayou Texar.
  • Selected RESTORE Project Universal Access to make Pensacola Beach including a beach and water destination for all citizens regardless of disability.
  • Selected RESTORE Project Carpenter’s Creek to provide water quality and recreational improvements to the creek which will also aid Bayou Texar.
  • Selected Consortium Project for Bayou Chico dredge which will both help the environmental condition and access for Bayou Chico.


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