Buchanan endorses Robinson for Pensacola mayor



September 20, 2018

Buchanan endorses Robinson for Pensacola mayor


Former mayoral candidate Drew Buchanan on Thursday endorsed Grover Robinson in his bid to be Pensacola’s next mayor, further boosting Robinson’s already strong momentum after winning the August 28 primary election.

Buchanan announced his endorsement In a statement released Thursday:

Six months ago, I set out to launch a bold new vision for the City of Pensacola in my campaign for mayor. We spoke out in our fight to rebuild trust with residents, laid out an inclusive platform of innovative and common sense solutions to our city’s most critical challenges, and we gave working Pensacolians a voice in this election.

Pensacola will be challenged in many new ways in the coming years — by making critical decisions to safeguard our environment, by the possibility of another recession, and by the changing demographics of the city itself, which will necessitate hard decisions about growth and development. Pensacola needs a steady, experienced leader who can bring all neighborhoods and citizens to the table, not lead within a vacuum.

Today, I’m endorsing Grover Robinson for mayor because he has a proven track record of effective leadership and he is someone who I believe is prepared to collaborate, unify, and expand opportunity for all Pensacolians at this critical time.

As Escambia County Commissioner, Grover has been the public face of Northwest Florida’s recovery from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill — fighting for hundreds of millions of public restoration dollars designed to address our most pressing environmental and economic challenges. As a result of his leadership, historic public waterways like Carpenter’s Creek, Bayou Chico, and Bayou Texar are being restored for future generations of Pensacolians.

Grover has rightly pushed the city to focus on the fundamentals. Unlike Brian Spencer, Grover has been out front pushing for citywide town halls and proactive neighborhood engagement long before it became politically fashionable. He has been committed to a "back to basics" agenda that focuses on bringing neighborhoods and citizens into the decision-making process, improving services and government accountability, and walking the talk on increased pay and benefits for our first responders.

Do we disagree on some issues? Of course. But above all, I know Grover to be a leader that is willing to surround himself with critics and pundits alike, not just cheerleaders and like-minded peers. Pensacola deserves a mayor that will push for civic engagement and public discourse to move our city forward together united, not divided.

Most importantly, I know Grover will serve as a representative of all Pensacolians and neighborhoods, not just the select few that live downtown. While the other contender for the mayor’s office has been busy building luxury condos, Grover has been busy building this community and our neighborhoods.

When I told our supporters on election night that ‘while campaigns end, movements don’t,’ I meant it. The stakes are too high to stand on the sidelines. We must continue to actively work to bring transparency to City Hall, to provide opportunities for all Pensacolians, to provide livable jobs, to preserve our neighborhoods and our past, and to create a truly sustainable city.”