Bayview Park Cross

Bayview Park Cross

Posted September 12, 2018

With the recent appeals court ruling, I have received several questions about my thoughts on the Bayview Cross. I have been clear and consistent in support of the Bayview Cross since the issue first appeared. The cross was erected as a private memorial and has remained on the property for decades. For many, the cross has become a part of the park.

I have also been clear that I support the original court decision, which provided a path for Pensacola to retain the cross and comply with the court’s ruling. The city could lease or donate the property where the cross is standing to a person, group or entity who would be responsible for maintaining said cross and memorial in its current location.

It is my opinion that this case does not need to continue in court. While many involved see this as a “landmark” case, the City of Pensacola should not spend any more time or resources fighting this case in order to make a legal precedent. Finally, there is no need to jeopardize the Bayview Cross should a higher court rule that it must be taken down.

Like so many other problems with the city, we have passed on a simple, frugal solution to pursue an expensive, headline-making gamble. My goal as Mayor of Pensacola is to make our community and future better. I don’t care about headlines — I care about solutions.

The court’s ruling may be a little boring. However, it is effective and financially responsible. Most importantly, it is what the vast majority of the community wants.

— Grover Robinson

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