Thoughts About a Skateboard Ban

Thoughts About a Skateboard Ban

Posted April 18, 2018

While I have tried to stay away from commenting on current city issues, I was recently asked about my position on the citywide “Skateboard Ban.” My thoughts are how can a community that recently celebrated with much fanfare the development of new Downtown Skatepark under the I-110 underpass in such a short time propose a community-wide ban on skateboarding.

This is a direct reflection of leadership or lack thereof to create a conversation on solutions. Without knowing all the details, I can still tell you there are plenty of citizens in Pensacola who enjoy the recreation of skateboarding without adversely impacting people, and there are other citizens in Pensacola that have abused the freedom provide and adversely impacted other’s property. The goal in public service is to find solutions where all parties can live together, but this requires work, effort, and collaboration.

There may well be certain areas within the community where skateboarding should be banned because of conflicts or damage, but this should be a relatively small and identifiable area. Likewise, there should be an effort to provide areas dedicated to skateboarding like the proposed park under I-110. These solutions should come from dialogue and discussion that yields some common ground.

As a citizen of Pensacola, my frustration is who is handling the effort to create solutions. I firmly feel it should be the Mayor which is why I am running for the office. Please understand it is not my goal to run for Mayor to solve skateboarding. Rather, the individual issues are not as important as compared to the strategies and tactics used to find their solutions. My experience in public service is the issues change rapidly but if you have a system in place that works to find common ground you will get solutions.

We can find solutions to skateboarding and other issues but it will take active participation and effort from leadership. I know there is common ground out there to solve this and I am willing to find it.

— Grover Robinson

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