Powell endorses Robinson for Pensacola mayor



October 15, 2018

Former Mayoral Candidate Lawrence Powell endorses Grover Robinson for Mayor


Former mayoral candidate Lawrence Powell on Monday endorsed Grover Robinson in his bid to be Pensacola’s next mayor.

Powell announced his endorsement at a press conference on Monday:

“I’m honored to have with me today loyal supporters of Team Powell and Grover Robinson. Grover is on the ballot to be elected the next Mayor of Pensacola in the upcoming November 6th general election.

We have a choice and a chance to elect a man of faith, experience, and a heart for all the citizens of Pensacola.

So, today I am declaring my full support and endorsement of Grover Robinson to be the next Mayor of Pensacola.

I encourage all who voted for me and trust my judgment and leadership to join me and vote for Grover to be the next mayor of our great city.”